Making Ice House a Hot Property

Making Ice House a Hot Property

This article was a case study on a LEED project we performed in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia for the The EnVision Group (1). The scope was to convert and old ice house (literally they sold blocks of ice) to a sustainable condominium complex, which earned a Gold certification. The case study was published in ACHR The News back in 2011.

I find it always makes for an interesting day when you get a random phone call from England asking you to go on the record about the products and services you offer. The people who contacted me, represented Kingspan (2) for their KoolDuct (3) product line, and were great to work with on this project. KoolDuct is an insulated panel product that is used to fabricate ductwork, among other uses, and out performs the competition offering less than a 10% energy loss through their material.




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