Activating Home Solar System

After nearly 30 months, I was finally able to switch on my solar system. It wouldn’t have happened without the tenacity of Solar City. Very happy with the project.

Design and delivery: The success factors of construction projects

The success of a construction project is based on two factors: design and delivery. Whether it be a 3-bid method of project delivery or a Fast Track design-build model, each factor exposes the strengths and weaknesses of the construction industry. The cost and scale of building design will directly impact the choice of delivery for…

The Spectrum of Corporate Responsibility by Ryan Rex

Cooling India – Annual 2015 – Featured Article Page 90 Corporate responsibility is an important factor to recognize when thinking about sustainability and the amount of money that goes into large-scale energy reduction projects. Companies, both large and small, sink barrels of money into projects for a single purpose: to live better. Although the media…

Tree Hugger’s Anonymous

Tree hugger. What is a tree hugger? Who are they and what do they do exactly? Let’s examine the term. By definition, the Urban Dictionary defines a tree hugger as “an environmentalist or one who believes trees and all living things should not be cut down or harmed. Someone who works to protect the environment…

The Lake House

This is the home of my friend Jonathan David Lake. He’s a cancer survivor who found solace in going green and building himself a sustainable home, and he did it ten years before going green was even a thing. Jon and I are looking forward to collaborating on future projects to bring his story, and…

Stimmel Design on Caesarstone Countertops

This is a testimonial we recently filmed based on the uses for Caesarstone countertops by world renowned kitchen and bathroom designer Dave Stimmel of Stimmel Design.

US-India Alliance to Enhance Building Performance and Energy Efficiency

Cooling India_August 2014 This is the soft copy for the August edition of Cooling India, an HVAC trade journal for the country. The editor reached out to me to do a piece for this issue. I chose to research the longstanding relationship between the US and India, the world’s two largest democracies, and their impact…

Eco Property EP04: NextGen Heating

I was asked to go to Boston and visit an engineer who created a heating system for his house that’s 60% more efficient than the old system. I’m proud to see his hard work come to life. Great stuff.  

Eco Property Episode 03: Home Depot

Looking to save energy dollars at home? Take an insider’s look into the sustainable (green) products and technologies available at Home Depot.  

Furnace Change Out is Just the First Step

Furnace Change Out is Just the First Step This article highlights my thoughts on replacing your home furnace, and how the replacement practice these days goes much deeper than “one out one in.” Someone needs to actually look to see if there are large areas of heat loss in the home first, correct those issues,…