Activating Home Solar System

After nearly 30 months, I was finally able to switch on my solar system. It wouldn’t have happened without the tenacity of Solar City. Very happy with the project.

Eco Property: Doing Well by Building Green Episode 01

This is the first full webisode for Eco Property. This is an example of a higher end project, which shows that the sky is the limit in terms of sustainable (green) building and innovation. The client’s house turned out to be a beautiful property, and even earned a LEED for Homes Platinum certification.

Eco Property: Episode 01 Trailer

A one minute trailer for my web-series, “Eco Property: Doing Well by Building Green.” The web-series is devoted to showing the public different levels of sustainable building to show that these products are easy to perform and are an affordable option for people looking to save money at home. The projects can vary from updating…

Making Ice House a Hot Property

Making Ice House a Hot Property This article was a case study on a LEED project we performed in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia for the The EnVision Group (1). The scope was to convert and old ice house (literally they sold blocks of ice) to a sustainable condominium complex, which earned a Gold certification….